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Online Program Advisors

Students earning a degree from DCB are assigned a curricular advisor who can assist with registration. Although students are ultimately responsible for selecting and registering for courses that meet their program requirements, they are encouraged to seek consultation and advice as needed.

Associate in Arts, Certificate in College Studies and Summer School Advisor for All Programs
Gary Albrightson - gary.albrightson@dakotacollege.edu

Accounting Technician and Bookkeeping 
Tracy Chisholm - tracy.chisholm@dakotacollege.edu

Administrative Assistant and Reception Services
Trisha Nelson - trisha.nelson@dakotacollege.edu

Advertising and Marketing
Keri Keith - keri.keith@dakotacollege.edu

Caregiver Services
James Holben - james.holben@dakotacollege.edu

Land Management
Angela Bartholomay - angela.bartholomay@dakotacollege.edu

Medical Assistant and Medical Administrative Assistant
Ashley Pedie - ashley.pedie@dakotacollege.edu

Medical Coding
Ashley Pedie - ashley.pedie@dakotacollege.edu

Paraprofessional Educator K-12 and Paraprofessional Educator - Early Childhood
Jackie Migler - jacalyn.migler@dakotacollege.edu

Clint Saunders - clint.saunders@dakotacollege.edu

Recreation Management
Sherry Niesar - sherry.niesar@dakotacollege.edu

Urban Forest Management
Larry Brooks - larry.brooks@dakotacollege.edu