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Returning Student Course Registration

Returning DCB students will register for classes through their Student Center in Campus Connection. Please take the time to read the following information which is designed to help students through the registration process.

Steps to Register

Below are the steps to register. Various worksheets and guides mentioned can be downloaded for use through the Course Planning Tools section.

Step 1: View/Print Course Planning Tools

Student Planning worksheets & curriculum guides are essential when planning schedules. At the bottom of the page, student will find a list of course planning tools and explanation of what the material is used for. Hint: Step 2 is to meet with your DCB advisor - make sure you bring the various planning worksheets and forms with you!

Step 2: Meet with Academic Advisor

Each student is assigned an advisor/faculty member within their program of study. Advisors help ensure you are selecting the right courses for graduation requirements and act as a go-to-person with course related questions. Students should meet with their advisors every semester before registration.

Not sure who your advisor is or how to contact them? A student's assigned advisor's information can be found in the Campus Connection Student Center. Please refer to the Campus Connection Help Guide under Course Planning Tools for further directions.

Step 3: Log on to Campus Connection

If you have forgot or misplaced your User ID & Password, call the NDUS Help Desk at (866) 457-6387 or click on "Forgot my Password" and/or "What is my User ID?" in Campus Connection. Hint: Your user id should be "firstname.lastname", though some students with common names may include their middle initial.

Step 4: Register For Classes

Current students should already be familiar with how to add classes. But for those who may have forgotten, we have put the directions online. Please refer to the Campus Connection Help Guide which walks students through the steps to search, add and drop class, as well as other useful functionalities that Campus Connection provides. Please check the Academic Calendar to view the date of the first day you can register for classes. No student will be able to register before the Open Enrollment date.

Step 5: Print Your Class Schedule

It is very important to print a final class schedule as it will be needed to purchase textbooks. Refer to the Campus Connection Help Guide for directions on how to print a class schedule.

Course Planning Tools

The following material can help returning students who wish to register for classes.

Class Schedules - Class schedules are posted online or can be picked up at the Student Services Office.

Class Schedule Worksheet - This worksheet will help students visually plan their class schedule.

Campus Connection Help Guide - This guide answers most questions associated with Campus Connection.

Course Catalog - The course catalog holds all curricula for academic degrees. Students should review their program curriculum to ensure they are registering for the appropriate courses that their degree requires.

Course Override Form - Students attempting to add a course that is closed or conflicts with another class must file a "Course Override" form with Student Services.

Degree Planning Worksheets - Degree Planning Worksheets can help students verify that they are on the correct track to graduate. There are four worksheets available:

Unit Load Petition - Students attempting to add a course that places them at 20 credits or more must file a "Unit Load Petition" with Student Services.

Step 6: Apply for Graduation

Students who are registering for their final semester of study at DCB should review their Degree Requirements with their advisor to see if they meet their degree requirements. Students who meet requirements to earn their degree must file an Application for Graduation with DCB Student Services Office. To complete the Application for Graduation, please click here.