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Bottineau Because


Hometown: Killdeer, ND

Major: Liberal Arts

Athletic Sport: Men's Basketball

What made you decide to attend Dakota College at Bottineau?
The overall atmosphere at DCB had a lot to do with why I chose to go to school here. Everyone was so nice and friendly; they didnít make me feel like I was just another number compared to bigger colleges. The opportunity to play a varsity sport in college also played a big factor in coming to Dakota College.

How did you first hear about Dakota College at Bottineau?
I first heard about Dakota College at Bottineau from my mom. She was at Bottineau and Lake Metigoshe for her job and came back with tons of good things to say. She said that the country up here was just beautiful and the lake was amazing. Once she found out there was college here, she suggested I look into it. Sure enough, Iím proud to say Iím a student now at DCB.

What is your favorite part of learning on a smaller campus?
My favorite part about learning on a smaller campus is having the opportunity to interact with the professors in a closer environment. Itís easy to get one-on-one time with a professor to talk about questions or concerns you may have. They want to see everyone succeed, and they work very hard to do their best in getting students to the next level.

Why did you decide to attend a two-year college verses a four-year?
I decided to attend a two-year school for a number of reasons. One benefit of going to a two-year was the cost. The price of schooling was a big factor in deciding where I would go. Another benefit of going to a two-year school was that it made for a nice transition from going to a small-town, North Dakota high school into college life.

What do you think is the best part about DCB?
The best part about DCB is its overall environment. It doesnít take long until you know almost everyone, and you get that sense that everyone here is just a big family.

What is DCBs “best-kept-secret” that no one ever told you about and you absolutely love?
DCBís ďbest-kept-secretĒ is the smoothies in the bookstore. Try them (especially the Cotton Candy one)!

How do you feel about the small classroom sizes?
I love the small class sizes here on campus. I have a class with 8 people in it, and that makes it so much better when one of us may have a question or comment. Being in small classes makes the learning process easier in my opinion.

What is one thing you would like to tell a prospective student about DCB?
If I was a prospective student looking at DCB, I would want to be told how comfortable this college can become. Now after being here for 2 semesters it feels like a home away from home for me.

If you attend athletic events, what do you think of the game/crowd?
I think that the athletic events for the Lumberjack games have such a great environment for the athletes to play in. I think the fans create the best atmosphere, especially in the Woodshed for the basketball and volleyball games.

If you PLAY sports, what made you choose DCB?
Choosing to play basketball for Dakota College at Bottineau was a great decision in my life. Coach Keysor is a great coach and it is an honor playing for him. He had a lot to do with why I chose to come to DCB.

What’s your favorite part of living in the dorms?
The best part of living in the dorms is all the memories you make during the year. You have so much fun just hanging out with everyone.

What do you like best about your program?
Currently Iím undecided on the major I will be pursuing, but until then I am enjoying taking a broad range of classes here.

What was your favorite on-campus activity?
My favorite on campus activity is either playing basketball or hanging out in Milligan Hall. We can get into some pretty heated games of 2K on the X Box, but we all have a great time.

Dakota College at Bottineau is a great school to go to. There are so many things that make this place a good place to be at. The people here are friendly, nice, and most importantly to me down-to-earth.

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