DCB catalog 2018-20

75 Career/Technical Curricula Instruction and practical experience in career/technical fields are available at DCB. The curriculum requirements integrate general education with career education competencies to allow the programs to be in part transferable. This mixture of coursework provides the student flexibility should he or she decide later to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Objectives 1. To give a solid foundation of technical courses which provide the student with marketable skills. 2. To enhance the student’s educational opportunities by integrating general education courses and vocational skills training. 3. To aid the student in developing positive work ethics, confident attitudes and appropriate human relations skills. 4. To assist the student in adapting to technological changes in his/her career. 5. To establish an awareness of the need for lifelong learning. DCB offers 33 career/technical programs which are organized under seven specific areas — business, computer technology, education and human development, health professions, natural resources, horticulture, and photography. Career/Technical Curricula