DCB Athletes Who Moved On

Men’s Ice Hockey

Dustin Penner - LA Kings (NHL)
Jordan Kippen - Minot State Beavers (ACHA)
Brett Fiddler - Minot State Beavers (ACHA)
Jared McIntosh - Minot State Beavers (ACHA)
Donnie Iverson - Minot State Beavers (ACHA)
Ryan Bartle - Southern Mississippi Surge (SPHL Pro)
Jed Johnsen - Augusta Winterhawks (SPHL Pro)
Pierre Sorensson - Finspångs AIK (Sweden Professional League)
Curtis Martin - Worcester State (NCAA DIII)
Troy Chandler - Finlandia University (NCAA DIII)
Will Kinsman - Minot State Beavers (ACHA)
Cesare Dall'Ara - Kent State University (ACHA)
Alex Herman - Utah State (ACHA)
Chris Watkins - Eastern Washington University (ACHA)
Reed Loucks - Waldorf College (ACHA)
Tyler Elshaug - University of North Dakota-Club (ACHA)
Seth Serhienko - Iowa State University (ACHA)
Casey Barile - Kent State University (ACHA)
Todd Renae - Utah State (ACHA)
Christian Vivian - Utah State (ACHA)
Ryan Miner - Minot State University (ACHA)
Ethan Hicks - University of Northern Colorado (ACHA)
Connor Hicks - University of Northern Colorado (ACHA)
Kyle Volk - Minot State University (ACHA)
Drew Ross - University of North Dakota-Club (ACHA)
Marcus Enquist - Marion University (NCAA DIII)
Phoenix McElroy-Scott - University of Jamestown (ACHA)
Lucas Walsh - University of Jamestown (ACHA)
Sherman Lovett - Illinois State University (ACHA)
Viktor Brask - University of Nevada- Las Vegas (ACHA)
Erik Eidissen - University of Nevada- Las Vegas (ACHA)
Frank Flight - Utah State (ACHA)
Cody Cesarz- Northern Michigan University (ACHA)


Men’s Basketball

Shawn Storseth - Minot State University (NCAA DII)
Tyson Harding - Dickinson State University (NAIA)
Isaiah Phlegm -  Marygrove College (NAIA)
Jeremy Chambers - University of Southern Maine (NCAA DIII)
James Odneal - University of Southern Maine (NCAA DIII)
Roybell Baez - Dickinson State University (NAIA)
Billy Engel - Dickinson State University (NAIA)
Julian Vasquez - Colorado Mesa University (NCAA DII)
Kolbi Selby - Dickinson State University (NAIA)
Jake Arck - Tabor College (NAIA)
Pat Robinson - University of Detroit-Mercy (NCAA DI)
Julian Short - University of Saint Francis (NAIA)
Jalyn Turner - College of Idaho (NAIA)
Devonse Reed - Mid American Christian University (NAIA)
JJ Morris - Dillard University (NAIA)
Kenric Twine - Southern University (NAIA)
Louis Williams - William & Penn University (NAIA)
Brian Egejuru - Central Methodist University (NAIA)
Wesley Harrison - Tabor College (NAIA)
Cole Wilhelmi - Concordia College (NCAA DIII)





Travis Martin - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Isaac Sondrol - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Kaleb Boehler - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Cobretti Parisien - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Michael Clarys - Jamestown College (NAIA)
Laron Peoples - Minot State University (NCAA DII)
Zach McBeain - Valley City State University (NAIA)
Steve Carlson - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Kevin Williams - University of Minnesota-Crookston (NCAA DII)
Mike Williams - University of Minnesota-Crookston (NCAA DII)
Deryck Woods - University of Minnesota-Crookston (NCAA DII)
Jason Adeniyi - University of Minnesota-Crookston (NCAA DII)
Markell Pete - University of Wisconsin-River Falls (NCAA DIII)
Kevin Ellis - University of Minnesota-Crookston (NCAA DII)
Tajah McNichols - Crown College (NCAA DIII)
Keith Osgood - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Mike Lopez - Peru State College (NAIA)
Paul Holiday - Graceland College (NAIA)
Jared Lewis - Mississippi Valley State (NCAA DII)
Lance Jackson - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Keanu Soto - Southern Arkansas University (NCAA DII)
Damon Bateman - Graceland College (NAIA)
Mathis Thomas - Graceland College (NAIA)
Keith Francis - Tabor College (NAIA)
Jamal Tambah - Lincoln University (NCAA DII)
Josh LaVeist - Southern Virginia University (NCAA DII)
JT Brown - Virginia Union University (NCAA DII)
Michael Derasmo - West Virginia Wesleyan (NCAA DII)
Delqwan Jackson - North Carolina Central University (NCAA DII)
Shazzon Mumphrey - Florida A&M University (NCAA DI AA)
Charles Fleming - Cumberland University (NAIA)
Sid Hunter - Oklahoma Panhandle State University (NCAA DII)
Jon Parks - Wayne State College (NCAA DII)
Carlton Rematt - Urbana University (NCAA DII)
Dontrael Brown - Lake Erie College (NCAA DII)
Elijah Thomas - Missouri S & T (NCAA DII)
Charles Johnson - Kentucky State (NCAA DII)
Nate Robinson - Kentucky State (NCAA DII)
Nelson Keith - Friends University (NAIA)
Dimitrius Patterson - University of Tennessee (NCAA DI)
Joe Hines - Ohio Dominican University (NCAA DII)
Davarius Jenkins - Avila University (NAIA)
Kermit Malone - Kentucky State University (NCAA DII)
Kris Nelson - Kentucky State University (NCAA DII)
Jaquan Dews - Lindenwood University - Belleville (NAIA)
Paulo Ta'a - Northern Michigan University (NCAA DII)
Kelsey Poe - Concord University (NCAA DII)
DJ Johnson - Ohio Dominican University (NCAA DII)
Jocelyn Antoine - Kentucky State University (NCAA DII)
Cody Barber- Elizabeth City State University (NCAA DII)
Clarence Theophile - College of Notre Dame (NCAA DII)
Tomaris Coney - Heidelberg University (NCAA DIII)



Sid Hunter - Oklahoma Panhandle State University (NCAA DII)
Gregg Thompson - North Dakota State University (Club)
Jeremy Spinner - Minnesota Crookston (NCAA DII)
Seth McCarthy - Minnesota Crookston (NCAA DII)
Jonathan Torres - Presentation College (NAIA)
Isaac Madrid - Culver Stockton College (NAIA)
Anthony Simmons - Benedict College (NCAA DII)


Women’s Basketball

Shannon Smith - Sienna Heights University (NAIA)
Allison Scherr - Valley City State College (NAIA)
Kate Helgeson - Brandon University (CIS)
Shalice Tommerup - Bethany College (NAIA)
Jackie Miller - Presentation College (NAIA)
Shakira Walker - Kentucky State University (NCAA DII)
Tiffany Bradford - Marygrove College (NAIA)
Dominique Staten - Marygrove College (NAIA)
Leah Parizek - Mayville State University (NAIA)
Mishae Roper - McMurry University (NCAA DIII)
Imani Scott - Valparaiso University (NCAA DI)
Chelsea Frazier - Savannah State University (NCAA DI)
Whitney Brandvold - Iowa Wesleyan College (NCAA DIII)
Mary Jones- Murray State (NCAA DI)


Women’s Fast Pitch Softball

Brittne Wersal - Black Hills State University (NCAA DII)
Keysha Jansen - Minot State University (NCAA DII)
Destiny Kaus - University of Regina (CIS)
Amber Gabel -  Mayville State University (NAIA)
Taylor Messerly -  Southwestern College (NAIA)




Women’s Volleyball

Jose DeGagne - Minot State University (NCAA DII)