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Alumni and friends of the college interested in establishing other restricted trusts are encouraged to contact the Foundation Office for additional information.

Dr. David Aarhus Scholarship Endowment 

Dr. Aarhus was a Professor of Life Sciences at DCB from 1968 to 1996; he passed away from kidney disease in 2003. In conjunction with the college’s centennial celebration in 2007, Greg & Susan Knudson provided funding to establish this endowment in memory of Dr. Aarhus.

Alliance Pipeline Environmental Technology Scholarship

In support of their commitment to environmental stewardship, Alliance Pipeline, working in close co-operation with Dakota College at Bottineau, established the Alliance Pipeline Environmental Technology Scholarship. Students enrolled in the DCB Environmental Technology Program are eligible for scholarship consideration. Administration and awarding of this scholarship is done by DCB. The Alliance Pipeline system transports high-energy natural gas from northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta to the Chicago, Illinois, area market hub. More information about the Alliance Pipeline system is available at www.alliance-pipeline.com.

Thelma Hagen Bannister Memorial Scholarship

In February of 1989, Donald Bannister established this scholarship in memory of his wife, Thelma (Hagen). Thelma graduated from the School of Forestry in 1936 and, for a time, was assistant administrator of the Business Office of the College.

Craig Bauer Memorial Scholarship Endowment

In November of 2006, the Peace Garden Officers Association, consisting of Bottineau, Rolette, Pierce, McHenry, Renville, and Towner Counties, established a scholarship endowment fund for students enrolling in the wildlife program at DCB in memory of Craig Bauer. At the time of his death in September 2006, Craig was part of a multiple agency task force which included the counties listed.

Olive Tait Benson Scholarship Endowment

In May of 1997, the Olive Tait Benson Scholarship Enhancement Fund was created by family and friends in honor of Olive’s 95th birthday. Olive was a lifelong supporter of the College until her death at the age of 102 in 2005. A separate Olive Tait Benson Scholarship Endowment Fund was established by her family in March 2009.

Vern & Ruth Berge Scholarship

The Berge Scholarship was established in 1991 by funds received through the Berge Foundation from the Ruth and Vern Berge Estate. Vern, a Souris area farmer and Bottineau County Commissioner, and his wife, Ruth, a former school teacher, were always interested in education. They wanted to make it possible for every Bottineau County student to have the opportunity to attend college.

Paul & Jane Brecht Scholarship Endowment

In 1986, at the College’s 80th Anniversary Celebration, Paul Brecht was honored with a “Golden Service” Alumni Award in recognition of his achievements in the field of horticulture and his service to his community. Both Paul and his wife Jane believed strongly in giving back to their community and they gave generously of their time, talents, and funds for the benefit of others. Helping young students have an opportunity to get a college education was of special importance to them. And, as a result, they chose to endow the original Floriculture Scholarship at Dakota College.

The Fund was originally established on June 20th, 1986, with an initial contribution of $2,000. Over the years, many friends and family members have continued to donate to the Fund. Upon the death of both Paul (in 2007) and Jane (in 2014), their daughters requested that the Fund be renamed in their honor as the Paul & Jane Brecht Scholarship Fund.

Annie A. Campbell Memorial Scholarship

The Annie A. Campbell Memorial Scholarship was established in December 2002 by members of her family. Annie taught elementary school children in North Dakota for over forty years, including many in Bottineau. She passed away in 2002, two months short of her 96th birthday.

Malcolm & Annie Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Malcolm & Annie Memorial Scholarship was established on March 20th, 2014, by Angus Campbell in memory of his parents, Malcolm & Annie. The scholarship is restricted to students in the agriculture field from Bottineau, McHenry, Renville, & Rolette Counties with parentage from a farming family.

Elmer Charnholm Memorial Scholarship

In August of 1989, Harold and Jean Charnholm established the Elmer Charnholm Memorial Scholarship in memory of Harold’s father. Elmer was an active retail merchant in Bottineau Country from 1906-1966. Consequently, they have specified the scholarship be restricted for students in the business, business administration, and computer related programs.

Daniel Cochran Memorial Scholarship

In October of 1987, Charles Cochran established this scholarship fund in memory of his son, Daniel, who had planned to attend NDSU-Bottineau and major in wildlife. The scholarship, therefore, is restricted to the wildlife programs and will be awarded annually.

Craig Family Memorial Scholarship

In April 1989, the Craig Family of rural Bottineau established this scholarship as an endorsement of the College and the job it has done in providing educational opportunities to its students. Six of the nine Craig children attended the School of Forestry. The two Craig sisters, Alexina and Viola, and their brother, Dr. C.F. (Carvel), made the donation on behalf of the whole family.

Blaine and Dorothy Diane (Spence) Culbertson Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Jodie and Jason Kersten started this Scholarship fund in loving memory of Jodie’s parents. Dorothy attended college at the “Forestry” graduating in 1968. She had fond memories of her time at Bottineau but had a hard time leaving Blaine to come do her studies. She worked in the nursing field for three years before putting her career on hold to raise her family. In 1990, she took a refresher course before returning to nursing at the Westhope Nursing Home. Both Blaine and Dorothy believed in the value of hard work and education.

Deraas Family Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Deraas Family Memorial Endowment was established in 2007 in honor of their parents Maurice and Loraine and sister MaryLynn. Their parents were strong advocates of education and encouraged all of their children to further their education. This endowment was established by Ronald Deraas, Nancy Christenson, Kenneth Deraas, JoAnne Cushing, Robert Deraas, Maureen Fischer, Duane Deraas, and Lisa Rucker, so funding could be available to assist others with that endeavor.

Dunseith Community Betterment Scholarship Endowment

In September of 1987, the Dunseith Betterment Club reached its $2,500 pledge and established this endowment fund. They raised the necessary money through profits received from their community’s Bingo Barn and have continued to add to the scholarship fund.

Fix Family Scholarship Endowment

The Fix Family Scholarship Fund was established in November 2002 by Kenny & Darci Fix in memory of Emanuel & Luella Fix, both of whom stressed the importance of higher education and also in memory of Darrol Vad and Paul Ohnstad who believed in the necessity of a college in Bottineau.

Foundation Campaign Scholarship Fund

The Foundation Campaign Scholarship Fund was established on November 20th, 2016, with various contributions totaling $53,284.93. This account was created after the start of the ND Challenge Grant program to allow anyone to have the opportunity to donate to an endowment and receive a 50% match from the state at that time.

Norman & Twilla Glinz Agricultural Scholarship

In January 2010, Norman and Twilla Glinz established the Glinz Agricultural Scholarship Endowment to provide assistance to students attending DCB who are intending to pursue a career in the agricultural field. They both grew up on a farm; Norman from Russell ND and Twilla from Cando ND. They united in marriage in 1958 and they made a lifetime profession of farming in the Bottineau area. Both of their dreams are to help someone move into and become successful in agriculture through sponsoring them with this scholarship.

Wayne Gorder Memorial Scholarship

In March 1997, the Wayne Gorder Memorial Scholarship Fund was established within the Logrollers Association by family and friends to memorialize his strong support of the club. He was president of the Logrollers at the time of his death in 1996 from injuries in a farm accident. Wayne was born in 1942, grew up in Bottineau, was married to Lois Freeman, and was an avid sports enthusiast in his hometown.

Blaine Haugen Memorial Scholarship

In September 1995, faculty, staff, students and friends established a scholarship fund in memory of instructor Blaine A. Haugen. Blaine was a 1971 graduate of NDSU – Bottineau and received his teaching degree from UND in 1975. He taught at several area high schools and farmed the family farm near Souris. In the early 1980’s, he began his career at the College as a tutor in the Student Opportunity Program Office and as a physics instructor. Blaine died in September 1995 in a plane accident near Souris.

LeRoy C. Justesen Memorial Scholarship

The LeRoy C. Justesen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in January 2004 by Joan (Krapu) Justesen, St. Andrews Nursing Class of 1964, in honor of her husband LeRoy. LeRoy was a hardworking, kind, and generous man who was a terrific husband and father. He supported his wife, a nurse, in everything she did in her health career.

Dr. Kenneth & Leann Kihle Family Scholarship

The Dr. Kenneth and LeAnn Kihle Family Scholarship Fund was established in December of 1990. The Kihles were founders and instructors of the Turtle Mountain School of Paramedical Technique which began in 1971 and later merged with NDSU-Bottineau in 1993. They have specified the scholarship be restricted to students in the medical field.

Bertha Kittleson Education & Judy K. Slater Health Professional Memorial Endowment

John Slater and Tracey Hall established this scholarship in January 2012 after Judy passed away. Judy was always giving of herself. She was a loving mother to her daughter. She went to college from 1986-1988 while raising her daughter, graduating with a degree in Medical Technology. Judy’s love and respect for her mother moved them to name this scholarship in both their names. Bertha was a lifelong resident of Bottineau. She attended Minot State and received her teaching degree. She spread her joy through education until 1950 when she decided to stay home and raise her 11 children. Bertha couldn’t resist her passion for taking care of people, and in 1971 she returned to Bottineau Public Schools as a cook.

Walter & Shirley Knudson Memorial Scholarship

The Walter and Shirley Knudson Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established by family and friends in memory of two extraordinary educators. Shirley taught 5th and 6th grade science at Bottineau Middle School for 20 years, retiring in 1989. Walt taught biological science courses for 35 years at the College, retiring in 1984. The Knudson Student Center was named in his honor. Shirley passed away in 1996 and Walt in 1998. The scholarship is available to students enrolled in biology, life science, or wildlife programs.

Donald O. Koehmstedt St. Andrews Nursing Scholarship

The Koehmstedt Scholarship was established in 2016 by funds donated from St. Andrews Health Center from the Donald O. Koehmstedt Estate. The purpose of the scholarship is to award financial aid to a nursing student and in return the awarded student will work at St. Andrews Health Center for up to 4 years as a practical nurse or an associate nurse.

Kyle Family Scholarship

The Kyle Family Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in September 2006 by Dr. Robert and Charlene Kyle in memory of Dr. Kyle’s parents, Arthur and Mabel (Crandall) Kyle, and to honor the Kyle family who believed in the importance of education. All five Kyle brothers graduated from the North Dakota School of Forestry. This scholarship is available to students enrolled in biological science.

L. Dean Lamb, DVM, MS Memorial Scholarship

Dean Lamb was a 1972 graduate of NDSU-Bottineau Branch & Institute of Forestry. He entered the college as a Pre-Veterinary Medicine major and following completion of those requirements necessary to receive his Associate degree in Science from NDSU-BB, went on to the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1976. Following a brief period in private practice, he furthered his academic studies by pursuing a residency program at Texas A & M University, College of Veterinary Medicine, College Station, TX. In 1979, Dean received his Master’s in Veterinary Medicine from TAMU. Dean’s love for North Dakota and for the people of this community brought him back to establish his own private practice in Rolette from 1980 until 1991. He later moved his practice to Bottineau, where he operated a large animal/mixed veterinary service until 2003. When asked about his academic career, Dean never failed to give the bulk of the credit for his success to NDSU-Bottineau. He remarked that while a student in Bottineau, he was always given tremendous support and attention by his instructors. In Dean’s opinion, the quality of educational opportunities at the Forestry, as it was then called, were without question. Later, it was with great pride that Dean watched his son graduate from Dakota College at Bottineau as a Pre-Veterinary major and follow in his footsteps to become accepted to veterinary school at Texas A & M University. In 2003, Dean was delighted to hear that his oldest daughter had also enrolled at DCB. He felt that Dakota College at Bottineau was an excellent beginning toward the pursuit of higher learning. In honor of Dr. L. Dean Lamb, this scholarship is offered to any academically qualified Pre-Veterinary student at Dakota College at Bottineau in hope that it may lead to furtherance of his/her scholastic objective.

Lang Science and Engineering Scholarship Endowment

Dwight Lang, NDSF Class of ’64, established the Lang Science and Engineering Scholarship Endowment Fund in December 2005. Dwight received his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering Degree from UND and worked for Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in their corporate engineering department located in Akron, OH. There he was involved as project engineer with various maintenance and facility additions from the synthetic materials plant to the renowned Firestone County Club. Other assignments included a tire plant in Joliette, Quebec, for Firestone of Canada and the Dayton Tire Plant in Oklahoma City. Dwight accepted employment with Hardaway Construction in Nashville, TN, before starting his own construction company, DAL-DEC-CO (Dwight A. Lang, Design, Engineering and Construction Company) doing commercial and industrial type projects. After he received his Professional Engineer’s license, Dwight had to limit general contracting operations to favorite and preferred clients. Dwight later became the vice President of WASCO, Inc. and General Manager of the Cumberland Stone Works Division, which he found both challenging and enjoyable.

Mensvil (Norman) & Verdellis (Verdy) L. Larson Scholarship Endowment

In December 2007, Major Mensvil N. Larson, Ret., established the Verdellis L. Larson Scholarship Endowment Fund in memory of his wife. Verdy was born in Rolette and was raised on the family farm near Thorne. She married Mensvil Norman Larson and became a career army wife and mother of four daughters before returning to ND. She opened her store, Larson’s Casuals, in 1971. In 1988, she became the evening chef at the College, where she worked until 1994. Verdy loved the college and its students. When she saw students struggle with being away from home, she always gave them special care. Verdy had a special affinity for the nursing students because one of her dreams had been to become a nurse. It was amended on the 23rd of July, 2014, to the Mensvil (Norman) & Verdellis (Verdy) Larson Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Elmer C. Lindberg Nursing Scholarship

In May of 1995, the Elmer C. Lindberg Nursing Scholarship was established from a gift received from Elmer C. Lindberg. Mr. Lindberg was born and raised in the Turtle Mountains and continued to live on the same farmstead for 80 years before he and his wife Bernice moved into Bottineau in 1991. The scholarship was amended in 2004 to the Elmer C. Lindberg Healthcare Scholarship. Scholarships from this fund are specified for students pursuing a 2 or 4-year degree or studying in a graduate program in the healthcare field.

Oliver Magnuson Memorial Scholarship

In September of 1994, Minnie Magnuson established the Oliver Magnuson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Oliver loved photographing the outdoors, and his “Magnuson” pictures are proudly displayed by many across the United States, Canada, and in several other countries.

Glen Millang/Knox Family Memorial Scholarship

In September 2009, Edna (Susie) Millang and the Knox family established a scholarship to benefit students of DCB. A Millang/Knox family member has first preference for this.

John Molberg Scholarship

In January of 1987, the Molberg Scholarship was established in memory of John through the joint efforts of the Molberg family, the Alumni Association, and the Foundation. John was the forestry instructor at ND School of Forestry/NDSU-Bottineau from 1946-1972. In 1984, the Molberg Center building was dedicated to him.

Howard Moum Scholarship Endowment

In March of 1986, Howard A. Moum established the Howard Moum Scholarship Fund. Moum graduated from the North Dakota School of Forestry in 1938. His commitment to the scholarship fund is, in part, based on his belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in higher education and that scholarships can assist students in realizing their goals.

C.N. & Alice Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Dr. C.N. Nelson served as President of the ND School of Forestry from 1943-1976. He passed away in Bellingham, WA. The Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established at that time in his memory by the Foundation and the Alumni Association. The fund was amended in 2004 to include his wife Alice after she passed away at the age of 94 in Mount Vernon, WA.

Wesley & Ruth E. Nichol Memorial Scholarship

In December 1998, the Wesley L. Nichol Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in honor of Wesley by his wife Ruth E. Nichol of Salem, OR, family, and friends. Scholarships from this fund are designated for students in horticulture, forestry or wildlife areas.

Paul & Jenny Ohnstad Scholarship Endowment

Jenny Ohnstad established the Paul & Jenny Ohnstad Scholarship Endowment Fund in August 2004 as a tribute to her late husband who passed away in 2001.

O.A. Parks Family Memorial Scholarship

In September of 1985, O.A. and Clara Parks established a restricted trust account in the amount of $5,000. At the same time, they encouraged former students to contribute directly to the trust account with the goal of raising an additional $5,000. Mr. Parks served as Director of the College’s Business Division from 1950 to 1976. O. A. passed away in April of 1989; Clara Parks died in 2002.

Yvonne L. “Vonnie” Peterson Scholarship

The Vonnie Peterson Scholarship Fund was established by her family in September 2003 as a tribute to the exceptional woman who dedicated her life to giving to others. Vonnie Hiatt Peterson was born in 1956 to Howard and Vida Hiatt. She was raised in the Bottineau area, where she attended grade school and graduated from high school in 1974. She married Ron Peterson in 1976. They had two children, Michelle and Daniel. She had several jobs in Bottineau including manager for Hiatt’s Western Shop, clerk for Hiatt’s Auction Service, and administrator for Dakota College at Bottineau’s Logrollers, Alumni Association, and Foundation for 11 years. Vonnie put her entire self into everything she did and was involved with. Particularly, she was very active in both the Grace Lutheran Church and in her community. She never turned away a person in need. Vonnie believed in people, that each person had a purpose in life, and that loving and giving to others was the ultimate gift. Vonnie’s life was a true testament of a woman who touched many lives. Our hope is that through this scholarship, many more lives will be touched and many more dreams will be realized by the young people who receive the Vonnie Peterson Scholarship.

Harold C. Refling Memorial Scholarship

Harold Refling was a well-known Bottineau community leader and supporter. He served as the founding President of the NDSU-Bottineau Foundation. Harold was truly a friend of education. He died in June of 1983.

Betty Rehfuss Scholarship

In April of 2013, after her long-fought battle with cancer, the friends and family of Betty Rehfuss established this scholarship in honor of her dedication to DCB and its educational mission. As a member of the DCB family for 35+ years, Betty will be remembered as a very caring instructor, for her service to the community and church, as a DCB sports time clock operator extraordinaire and as a dear friend of many. Betty’s infectious smile and sense of humor will live in our memories forever.

Shurr Memorial Scholarship

In 1986, the Shurr Scholarship was established in honor of Fred J. Shurr who served as a state legislator in the 1920’s. He was a particularly strong supporter of the College. Mr. Shurr was very much involved in seeing that funds were appropriated for the “School of Forestry”as it was known then.

Sinclair & McBain Founding Families Scholarship

In August 1999, while researching his family history, Andrew McBain Sinclair established the Founding Families Scholarship Fund with the Dakota College at Bottineau Foundation. The scholarship fund was created to honor Andrew’s ancestors. His great-grandparents, James Bruce (J.B.) and Maria Ann (McBain) Sinclair built the first house in Bottineau County in 1882 along Oak Creek where today stands a cairn and plaque commemorating the site, Old Bottineau. J.B. surveyed the land for the town sites of Old Bottineau and South Bottineau. Soon thereafter, members of both families joined the J.B. Sinclairs in Bottineau. Duncan Sinclair, J.B.’s father, built the first public building in Bottineau, now a house located at 215 West 6th Street. Alexander and John Sinclair, Duncan’s brothers, owned land upon which Dakota College at Bottineau now stands and grew gold medal winning wheat for the New Orleans Exposition of 1885. Some lands for the university also came from the McBain family. Maria Ann’s father, Alexander McBain, also settled in Bottineau and built the first frame house in Bottineau. As a pillar of the community, he served as the first assessor and was an officer for the first school district board. He was a charter member and deacon of the Baptist Church of Bottineau. Isaiah D. McBain, Maria Ann’s brother, was active in the church and was the pastor of the Baptist Church of Bottineau for five years.

Rangvold “Ray” & Stella Sjule Scholarship

In October of 1996, the Rangvold (Ray) and Stella Sjule Scholarship Fund was established. Rangvold (Ray) Sjule was born in 1909 to Thomas and Annie Sjule of Carbury. He was raised on the farm near Carbury and baptized and confirmed in the Inhered Lutheran Church. Ray served on the Harem Township Board, for the Souris Elevator, and the Mountain View School Board, Harem Township. Stella Krogen was born in 1916 to Carl and Carla Krogen and raised on the family farm near Souris. She was baptized in the Turtle Mountain Lutheran Church, rural Souris. Ray and Stella were married in 1935. Ray began a trucking business in 1928 until 1941 when he began farming near Souris. The Sjules had four children, Virginia, Mrs. Richard Rasmussen of Minot; Vivian, Mrs. Barry Hauge; Margaret Ann, Mrs. Fred Larsen of Mountain, PA; and Thomas and wife Sandra (Gartner) who continued to reside and farm on the home farm. Ray and Stella moved into Bottineau in 1972. Ray passed away on July 31st, 1996. Stella passed away in April 2002.

Everett & Gladys Solper Scholarship Endowment

The Everett and Gladys Solper Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in January 2007 in memory of Gladys. The scholarship is restricted to students enrolled in agricultural related fields or education. Gladys was born and raised on a farm in the Turtle Mountains near Bottineau. An extremely intelligent and talented young woman, she was determined to attend and graduate high school despite the difficult times of the era. During her high school years, she lived with her aunt and uncle in Souris. After graduating from Souris High School, she taught school, during which time she met and married Everett. Gladys loved the outdoors, music, dancing, sewing, and working as a partner on their farm/ranch operation. She was a member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary and the American Legion Auxiliary,and very proud of her family members who served their country in the Armed Forces. She dedicated much of her time and talents to serving our military veterans and their families. Gladys believed in the importance of education and stressed the importance of education. Everett was born and raised in the Souris area prior to his family moving to a farm in the Turtle Mountains near Bottineau. He played sports for Bottineau High school, graduating in absentia due to enlisting in the United States Marine Corps during WWII. He trained at Camp Pendleton, CA, as one of Mike “Red” Edison’s legendary “Raiders,” with his battalion taking the name “The Wake Island Avengers.” Everett served in the Marine Corps from November 10, 1942to November 25, 1945, serving in the Pacific Theatre --  Guadalcanal, New Britain, New Guinea, Peleliu, and Okinawa – receiving various medals, a commendation, and the Purple Heart. Everett continues to operate their farm/ranch enterprise. Everett was killed in a farm accident in September of 2012. They had three children.

Vivian Stair Scholarship

The Vivian Stair Scholarship was established in 1991 by funds received through the Vivian Stair Estate. Vivian and her brother, Rex, were advocates of education and wanted to help further the educational opportunities for students of NDSU-Bottineau.

Audrey E. & Emil M. Stoltz, Jr. Chemistry Scholarship

In December of 1990, the Audrey E. and Emil M. Stoltz, Jr. Chemistry Scholarship Fund was established. Emil Stoltz was a student of the School of Forestry from 1938-1940. He continued his education at UND where he received his chemistry degree. Emil worked as a chemist for DuPont. He passed away in April of 1999. His wife Audrey continues to reside in Joliet, IL.

Carl Sundin Endowment

In 2008, the Carl Sundin Endowment was established by the Foundation Board with funds donated by his estate. Mr. Sundin was the uncle of Governor Allen Olson and has lived in St. John, Westhope, and Bottineau areas. Carl was also a life-long supporter and active participant in NDSU-Bottineau College events.

Bedvi L. and Gregory K. Swanson Memorial Endowment

On July 5th, 2006, the Gregory K. Swanson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund was created in honor and memory of Gregory Konrad Swanson. The fund was established by his parents Glenn and Bedvi Swanson; his sisters and brothers, Barbara L. & Clifton H. Lee, Joette L. Pfau, Marc K. Swanson, and Scott M. and Kristine (Oster) Swanson; his nieces Kristinn (Lee) & Mark Hiatt and their children Brooke and Jacob, Jayme L. Pfau, Mesa Ann Swanson; and his nephews Travis S & Amanda Lee, Justin M. & Veronica Swanson, and Jack K. Swanson. Greg was born in Bottineau, ND, on October 9, 1953, and passed away February 20th, 2004. He graduated from Bottineau High School in 1971 and enlisted in the U.S. Army (serving in Germany), and was honorably discharged September 10th, 1975. He enrolled at NDSU-Bottineau, class of 1977. Greg was an ardent farmer, reader, student, builder, conservationist and sportsman who enjoyed fishing, hunting, and helping others. Scholarships are designated for wildlife and science, to alternate annually. In June 2009, the Glenn Swanson Family established an endowment in memory of their wife, mother, and grandmother Bedvi who passed away in May 2009. She attended the School of Forestry prior to her marriage to Glenn and then worked at home raising and caring for their five children. It was amended on December 31st, 2013, to combine the two scholarship funds.

Faye Troyer Scholarship Endowment

In January 2007, an endowment funded from the estate of Faye (Mrs. Carter) Troyer was established in memory of their only son Thomas who died at age 28. Troyers owned and operated the Dakota Trailer Court, A & W Drive-In, and the Botno Theater. They were active in the Bottineau community for many decades.

Dr. James V. Troyer Memorial Scholarship

In March of 1996, the Troyer Scholarship Fund was established with gifts from the James V. Troyer Estate. James Troyer, a son of James and Mabel (Stewart) Troyer, was born in South Bend, IN, on October 12th, 1907. In 1915, he came with his parents to North Dakota; he attended grade school in Rugby and later graduated from Dickinson High School. He continued his education at Creighton University in Omaha, NE, and graduated from Creighton Dental School with his DDS in 1935. That same year, he moved to Bottineau and began his practice. He married Hilda Bauer on July 19th, 1938. He entered the United States Army in 1942 and served until his discharge. James returned to Bottineau where he resumed his practice. In 1976, he retired and spent winters in Arizona and summers at Lake Metigoshe. His wife Hilda passed away on May 25th, 1984. Dr. Troyer died on September 5th, 1995.

Sam A. Trutna Family Business Endowment Scholarship

The family of Sam A. Trutna started this scholarship for business students studying at DCB. Sam’s entrepreneurial spirit and business mind was the inspiration of this endowment. Scholarships will be awarded to students who have a 3.25 GPA or above.

Morris “Jack” Turner Memorial Scholarship

In July of 1997, the Morris “Jack” Turner Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Jack by his wife Evelyn of Anchorage, AK. Scholarships from this fund are designated for civil engineering and nursing and are to alternate yearly.

Leonard and Estelle Vandal Education Scholarship Endowment

In January 2006, the Leonard and Estelle Vandal Scholarship Fund was established by family members to provide assistance to students enrolling at Dakota College at Bottineau in the field of education.

Ben & Alma Wall Family Scholarship

In July 2004, Kenneth Wall, “NDSF Class of 1956,” established the Ben & Alma Wall Family Scholarship Endowment Fund in memory of his parents, Ben & Alma Wall. Ben & Alma farmed near Carbury, ND, and believed in the importance of education. Ben was also a life-long supporter of high school and college athletics, rarely missing a game.

Peter B. Wold, Sr. Scholarship

In December of 1986, the family of Peter B. Wold established a scholarship fund in his behalf. In 1956, Mr. Wold, a former faculty member of the College, started Wold Engineering with offices in Bottineau and other North Dakota communities. In 1986, Mr. Wold disposed of his interest in the firm. He died in June of 1987.

Walter Ziemann Memorial Scholarship

In August of 1995, a scholarship was established in memory of longtime area farmer Walter Ziemann. Born in Raymond, MN, Walter accompanied his parents to Amity Township as an infant. He grew up on the farm and attended Omemee School. He took over the home farm and continued to farm until 1981 when he moved into Bottineau. When on the farm, he specialized in purebred beef Shorthorn cattle and in Hampshire sheep. He was clerk and treasurer of Amity Township for over forty years.


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